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by SeuJogo 29. June 2010 19:39

Particle systems are used in games for different reasons, explosions for example. The idea is to have some controlled randomness in the game, to get a better visual effect. However, particle systems may also be used as part of the gameplay, and that gets very, very interesting.

Music Catch
Absolutely my favorite in this article. A particle system is coupled with a sound equalizer. So particles are created on the rhythm of the music. While listening to calm piano music, the player needs to catch geometric shapes, which give points. If you catch yellow shapes, your score multiplier goes up, red shapes are bad which decreases you score multiplier. Many people love this game from 2008.

Sit back and relax, while you catch some random shapes

In this game, large planets have some kind of energy, which you need to transport to smaller planets, using magnets. The planets generating the energy are coupled to an infinite particle system, while the magnets influence how the particles flow. Very nice game, with quite some tough puzzles.

Grumpy, those black holes in the middle mess up everything

Vector Effect
This arcade type of game is very nice visual appeal. You need to shoot the particles which seem to appear random in the game, and avoid touching them. The particle system seems to be random enemy creator in this game. Still, the game is very addicting.

Get away and shoot those shapes!


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